Utah Property Rights Education

The Utah Office of the Property Rights Ombudsman and the Utah League of Cities and also Towns lately teamed up to create the Land Use Academy of Utah (LUAU) to assist take the secret out of land usage and also building civil liberties in the state. The LUAU internet site is a helpful tool intended for city governments, property experts and homeowner. LUAU deals with neighborhood professionals to supply info on civics, land use as well as property for all Utahans to create healthy areas throughout the state.

“The web site has an amazing wealth of info, and will certainly proceed to expand,” claimed Brent Bateman, Utah Office of the Property Rights Ombudsman. “The videos on the web site will certainly aid homeowners of Utah to much better comprehend land usage legislation.”

LUAU was developed by a grant from the Utah State Legislature to sustain land usage training as well as education and learning. The Office of the Property Rights Ombudsman and the Utah League of Cities and Towns likewise worked with the Utah Realtors Association, Private Property Coalition, and Utah American Planning Association in developing, looking after and also providing content for the site.

“We’ve produced the initial uniform and also extensive online land usage source, to aid us in statewide land usage training,” claimed Bateman. “It is the online destination for training, info and also education for legal land usage concerns and also optimal practices.”

The site is taken care of by the Utah League of Cities as well as Towns and the Utah Realtors Association dealing with an evaluation board for content and also administration instructions.